Together Kay and Haitham form a unique creative partnership, They are masters of the therapeutic story book.  Each book they produce is aimed at helping children who find life challenging. They are the means by which parents and teachers can become empowered to help and make a difference in the lives of these special children.

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Haitham has often been bemused by the vagaries of the English language.
These delightful cards and postcards were born out of his need to make sense of the idiom. Semantic Sam stumbles his way through the quirky and the whimsical with hilarious results.

Anyone who knows anything about Autism, will tell you that the Autism brain works best when presented with visual language . Feel free to use these charming symbols to produce social narratives or construct charts and schedules as an aid to understanding.

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K. I. Al-Ghani is the mother of son with High Functioning Autism. Her quest for understanding the enigma that is Autism has taken her on a roller coaster ride from a Secondary school teacher of Domestic Science to an international author, University Lecturer, Specialist Advisory Teacher, Inclusion Consultant and Autism Trainer, with over 38 years experience in education.

Haitham is probably one of the kindest people on this planet. From being expelled from nursery school at the tender age of three, he has grown from unruly child to proof positive that Autism is just a difference and not a deficit.
He is passionate about illustration and works tirelessly on any project he is given. Often forgetting to eat or sleep as he loses himself in the characters he is creating.

If you have written a children’s book and are looking for an illustrator why not contact him and sample how his unique creativity can bring your book to life at minimal cost. Haitham is not motivated by the material, he is driven by his passion for drawing.